Tuesday, January 27, 2015
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Defend the Fundacion Federico Engels

The Fundacion Federico Engels is the sole source of Marxist literature in Spain. The decision to exclude it from this year’s Madrid Book Fair is an act of blatant political censorship. Alan Woods is making a public appeal to get this decision overturned. Please add your voice to the protest!

The American Working Class and "The War on Terror"

It has been almost a year since the open ended "War on Terror" was launched by the American ruling class, and yet, just as we said then, it has solved none of the problems of terrorism. Indeed, it isn’t designed to be a cure for terror, but a shallow facade for the unrestrained and brutal tactics of U.S. Imperialism. Yet it is also unlike any we have seen previously. It is a one-sided act of aggression by the American imperialist war machine with no clear opponent or measure of victory.

$87 Billion for Iraqi Occupation, US Schools Faced with Privatization: Capitalism in Action!

David May looks at the hypocrisy of the capitalist system which spends billions on war and destruction, while starving our schools.  For a socialist solution!

Hearts and Minds: Vietnam and the War in Iraq

While there are many differences between the war in Iraq and the Vietnam War, there are many parallels and lessons to be learned - above all that public opinion at home is more decisive in the long run than the actual military successes or failures in the war zone.

The Iraq War: Opposition and Desperation

Brief reports on the Iraq War from Issue 16 of Socialist Appeal:

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Socialist Appeal Issue 86

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