Against Bureaucratic Centralism

polltaxAs the second part of our March 2013 monthly organizational reading we are republishing Against Bureaucratic Centralism written by former comrades of the Militant Tendency looking back at the political and organizational degeneration of a layer of the leadship which lead to the undoing of decades of hard, patient work. Combined with How the Militant Was Built—And How It Was Destroyed it gives an excellent overview of the dangers inherent in losing sight of the long term goal: the building of a solid Marxist cadre organization as a tool to build a mass revolutionary party capable of leading the socialist revolution to victory.

How the Militant Was Built—And How It Was Destroyed

robmilitantAs our March 2013 monthly organization reading, we republish here an article written by Rob Sewell, one of the leading comrades of the Militant Tendency, on its rise and fall. Written in 2004, the fortieth anniversary of the founding of Militant, it highlight the lessons of that period—of both the enormous successes but also of the dangers and failures.

Preparing for Power

oldwilWe are republishing Preparing for Power, written by Ted Grant in 1942, as part of our monthly organization-wide reading for February 2014. The document was written to assess the perspectives for revolution in Britain during the stormy period of World War II and the role of the Marxists in the coming events. Although there are many differences between that period and today, there are also many similarities and the fundamental task remains the same: to prepare the forces of Marxism in advance of the revolutionary events of the future.