The Menace of Fascism

cablestreetFor our October 2013 organizational-wide reading we republish here The Menace of Fascism by Ted Grant. Written after World War II, it analyzes the rise to power of Mussolini's black shirts and the Nazis in Germany. It draws on much of Trotsky's analysis on fascism to prepare the British working class to deal with the potential threat of Mosley's fascists. Although the postwar boom and the class balance of forces never gave the fascists in Britain a foothold, the document is chock full of brilliant insight to the mass movements of fascism in the 1930s.

The Spanish Revolution 1931–37

spanish-civil-war-03.photoblog900For our monthly organizaton-wide reading for September 2013 we republish writings of Ted Grant's on the Spanish Revolution of 1931–37. Written in 1973 while revolution shook the remnants of the Franco regime, it highlights the important lessons of Spain's revolution in the 1930s.

Against the Theory of State Capitalism

stalinheadFor our July 2013 monthly organization-wide reading we republish Against the Theory of State Capitalism, by Ted Grant. It was written as a polemic against the ideas put forward by Tony Cliff, then a member of Ted Grant's organization. It defends and restates some of the basic positions of Marxism in relation to the state, but also delves into the nature of the Soviet economy and draws on the information of the day to further enrich the Marxist analysis of the Soviet Union. For proponents of the theory of state capitalism, the restoration of capitalism in the USSR represented merely a step to the side. However, the facts reveal that the privatization of the economy pulled the rug out from under the standard of living of millions upon millions of workers. If we are unable to explain what existed in the Soviet Union, we will be unable to build the forces of Marxism seriously.

Reply of the WIL to the RSL Criticism of "Preparing for Power"

oldwilFor our June 2013 monthly organization-wide readng we republish Reply of the WIL to the RSL Criticism of "Preparing for Power." This document lays out a number of basis ideas defending Marxism in the face of a tendency which was moving away from Marxism during World War II.

Bureaucratism Or Workers Power

stalinheadFor our May 2013 monthly organizational reading we republish Bureaucratism or Workers Power, written by Ted Grant and Roger Silverman. In this important document is a restatement of our tendencies defense of the nationalized planned economy that existed in the Soviet Union and other Stalinist regime. Drawing on the experiences of the Hungarian Revolution, the perspectives for the overthrow of these regime and the establishment of genuine workers democracy was laid out. These perspectives were ultimately falsified by events with the restoration of capitalism in these countries, but the method and analysis still stands the test of time in defending the basic ideas of Marxism from both those on the right and those on the left.