Capitalism Has Failed!

Wall StreetThe working class should not have to pay for the bosses' crisis! A new leaflet by the Workers International League. The ongoing economic crisis is forcing millions of workers and youth to ask:  Why is this happening? This provides Marxists an opportunity to raise our ideas and to explain that the root cause of this crisis is the capitalist system itself.  Print out copies and hand them out at the many emergency protests and meetings that are being organized around the country. Click here to download.

New Leaflet: End the War Now!

antiwar protestUnite the Movement: End the War Now! A new half-sheet leaflet by the WIL for use in the fall anti-war mobilizations in the lead up to the November presidential elections. Click here to download.

Free the Cuban Five!

Cuban FiveA new leaflet based on the recent declaration of the International Marxist Tendency. "The International Marxist Tendency considers that these comrades are in the front ranks, at the vanguard of those who fight for world socialism. They were fighting against the reactionary attacks of the extreme right against the Cuban Revolution, which stands as a beacon of hope for the workers and oppressed of the world. Therefore, the struggle to bring about their release them is the duty not only of the Cuban people, but of all those who believe in the socialist future of humanity." Click here to download.

Power to the People! Cynthia McKinney for President

McKinney Money for JobsAfter nearly eight years under GW Bush, it’s no surprise that Barack Obama’s promises of “hope” and “change” have inspired millions. But what do he and the Democrats really offer? We believe Cynthia McKinney’s “Power to the People” campaign is the best choice for working people. We believe working people and youth should vote for Cynthia McKinney as a way to say “No!” to the wars in the Middle East, “No!” to U.S intervention in Latin America, “No!” to the bloated military budget, and “No!” to the big business war on our standard of living. Voting for McKinney is a way to say we don’t support the two big business political parties, that we need a party that represents us. Click here for a downloadable leaflet of this statement.