¡Una fábrica cerrada es una fábrica ocupada!

FCFO Esp El liderazgo sindical debe de movilizar a los trabajadores para exigir un plan de recuperación económica para volver a abrir y capitalizar las fábricas cerradas, nacionalizarlas bajo control público, y gestionarlas bajo control democrático de los trabajadores. Nuestros sindicatos deben asumir la lucha por un plan de rescate obrero - ¡que los ricos paguen la factura! Y como dicen en el movimiento de las fábricas ocupadas en América Latina: “¡Una fábrica cerrada es una fábrica ocupada!” Un nuevo volante de la Liga Internacional de los Trabajadores. Tambien disponible en inglés.

A Factory Closed is a Factory Occupied!

FCFO English The labor leadership needs to mobilize the workers to demand an economic recovery plan to re-open and capitalize closed factories, to nationalize them under public control, to be run under democratic workers’ control. Our unions must take up the fight for a working class bailout – let the rich foot the bill! And as they say in the occupied factory movement in Latin America: “A Factory Closed is a Factory Occupied!”
 A new leaflet from the WIL. Also available in Spanish.

McCowan for Mayor of St. Louis: New Flyer from Socialist Appeal

 With the current economic crisis, working people are looking for an alternative to the policies of the twin parties of big business, the Democrats and Republicans.  This is even more the case in St. Louis, with the racially divisive and anti-worker policies of the Slay Administration.  That is why Socialist Appeal and the Workers International League are supporting the campaign of Elston K. McCowan for Mayor of the city of St. Louis.  You can view the flyer here.