NEW FLYER: All Support to Public Employees! For a Workers' Solution to the Crisis

 Download here.  Wisconsin is on the front lines of the nationwide battle against cuts and austerity. Most public sector workers in the state belong to unions that collectively negotiate their wages, benefits, and pensions. It has been that way for over 60 years. Now Governor Walker wants to make Wisconsin a “right to work” state, make it illegal for state employees to bargain collectively, and limit wage increases to the consumer price index.  This new flyer from Socialist Appeal is for use in Wisconsin or elsewhere, where attacks on public sector workers are upcoming.

NEW FLYER for Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story"

 Michael Moore’s new film exposes capitalism for what it is: a system based on the ruthless exploitation of the many by the few, who shamelessly loot people’s lifelong savings, the public treasury, and kick millions out of their homes. By the end of the film, capitalism stands roundly condemned, however, Mike is less clear as to what he is actually for. The Workers International League thinks it is important to state what is: capitalism is the problem, and socialism is the solution.

Click here for flyer.

Single Payer Now!: New Flyer from Socialist Appeal

 The battle over health care has simmered beneath the surface for decades as literally millions have suffered illness and death in the richest country on earth for lack of basic medical care. Most union contract struggles in recent years have revolved around the question of heath benefits. 7 in 10 personal bankruptcies in recent years have been the result of astronomical medical expenses. Now that Obama has attempted even the most modest of reforms, all the pent up contradictions are bursting to surface. On the one hand is the hysteria against Obama’s “socialism,” on the other are millions

Download the flyer here.