[Leaflet] No Environmental Solution Under Capitalism

environmentalsolutionleafletCapitalism has long been in a period of deep decline, which is reflected everywhere in our world. Perhaps most dangerously, the catastrophe of class society finds its mirror reflection in the disaster of climate change and other forms of environmental destruction. If we do not wrest control of our futures from the capitalists, they will drive humanity off a cliff into the wreckage of our biosphere.


Fight for LGBT Rights: Fight for Socialism!

fightforlgbtrightsThe LGBT movement has fought and won many gains in the past few years, but the battle is not over. The Supreme Court decision against DOMA has raised the hopes of many people who have waited so long to be able to have their relationship with their partner recognized, to be afforded this basic democratic right, which is taken for granted by most people. This was a hard fought gain. It was the blood, sweat, and tears of the LGBT movement and its allies which achieved this victory; not a gift granted by the benevolence of the Supreme Court Justices or the Obama administration.

Available as a half page leaflet here.

Leaflet - Fight for Better Wages: Fight for Socialism!

fast food workers halfsheetFast food, service, and retail workers know first-hand how awful conditions and wages are in this industry. We generate billions in profits for shareholders and Wall Street speculators, while we are often unable to pay the rent, even if we work full time. The CEOs of our companies get fat paychecks and bonuses, while we have to choose between food and health care for our children, and often need to take on second or even third jobs. Ultimately, since capitalism is the root cause of the wealth inequality, discrimination, stress, and strain we all suffer, we must also fight for socialism.

A leaflet for use at fast food workers' rallies can be downloaded here.

[Leaflet] Fight Racism! Fight Capitalism!

trayvonleafletRacism is deeply institutionalized in this country’s misnamed “justice” system. Sure, there is plenty of justice to be had—as long as you have enough money to buy it. The acquittal of George Zimmerman in the murder of Trayvon Martin is just the latest in a long list of examples of how this system functions and in whose interest it functions. The United States is a bourgeois democracy. By definition, this means that there is democracy and justice for the bourgeois—for the rich. But for the workers and the poor, justice is all-too-often an empty word. And if you are also black or Latino, the injustice is compounded even further. Americans are increasingly aware that this is a system in which the color of your skin determines your right to a trial or the ease with which you can claim immunity.

[Leaflet] Food for Healthy People, Not for Healthy Profits

gmo food half sheetNew leaftlet for use in the nationwide protests against Monsanto, GMO foods, and corporate agriculture. Genetic engineering has come upon the world rapidly, accompanied by the usual claims by the mega agricultural corporations that this is a way of feeding the poor of the earth and making the word a better place. However, these claims need to examined in the light of what has actually been done to date, and what is planned for the future. The reality is that the health of their profit margins is far more important to them than the health of society and the environment. Furthermore, in their pursuit to control the world’s agriculture, they throw the norms of safe science out the window.