Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign [Leaflet]

PTUDC protest HyderabadPakistani workers and trade unionists are struggling to achieve and maintain basic fundamental rights. With fewer than 5% of the workforce actually organized, trade unionists are facing assassinations, assaults, kidnappings, and illegal detentions by the employers and the coercive state apparatus.
There has never been a greater need for international solidarity and support for the Pakistani trade union movement as there is today. Download our new Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign promotional leaflet, and help distribute it widely!

[Volante] Programa de LIT/CMI 2014

La Liga Internacional de los Trabajadores basa en sí en las ideas de Marx, Engels, Lenin, y Trotsky, y en el desarollo de estas ideas por la Corriente Marxista Internacional. Luchamos por el socialismo internacional, en el que la clase obrera mundial tiene el control democrático sobre las medios de producción, distribución, e intercambio. Un gobierno de los trabajadores en los Estados Unidos se haría cargo de la inmensa riqueza ahora propiedad de sólo un puñado de individuos y democráticamente usarlo en los intereses de todos. Nuestro programa, en forma de volante, se puede descargar aquí. Distribuirlo ampliamente para ayudar a construir las fuerzas del marxismo en los EE.UU.

[Leaflet] Support Retail Workers on Black Friday!

walmartstrikeWith Black Friday approaching, Walmart workers throughout the country are planning to picket their work places in their ongoing fight for higher wages, benefits, and union recognition. To support these workers we have produced a leaflet, downloadable here.


[Leaflet] Textbook Capitalism

NEWWILLOGO1SmallerAt the start of every semester, millions of American college students head to the campus textbook store and scrape the bottom of their bank accounts to afford the textbooks required for their classes. Prices have skyrocketed an astronomical 812% over the past three decades, easily beating out inflation, the rising costs of tuition and fees, and house prices. It is the profit driven capitalist system that mandates this academic tradition of organized robbery, and until capitalism is overthrown, students will continue to be at the mercy of the textbook cartels.

[Leaflet] A Program of Struggle for Youth & Students

NEWWILLOGO1SmallerThe burden of the capitalist crisis is being passed on to the working class and the youth through a near-universal assault on our quality of life. Millions of jobs have disappeared forever and unemployment is especially high among young workers. Both the federal government and almost all the states have been slashing their education budgets, further exacerbating the pressure on the youth. Access to education is increasingly difficult for the average working class family. Those who can go to school face fee increases and cut-backs in all areas: lost programs and courses, redundancies in school staff and faculty, increased class sizes, cuts in student transportation and other services.