Level 1: General Introduction

Marxism and Religion - Alan Woods

The Passion of the Christ: A Review of the Movie - Rob Sewell

A Case of Saintly Overproduction


Level 2: Socialism, Marxists, and Religion

Socialism and Religion - Lenin

Socialism and the Churches - Rosa Luxemburg

The Attitude of the Workers' Party to Religion - Lenin

Their Morals and Ours - Leon Trotsky


Level 3: History

The Origins of the Jews - Yossi Schwartz (And Part Two, Part Three, Part Four)

On the History of Early Christianity - Frederick Engels
A work of Engels' in which he shows how Christianity was originally a primitive communistic struggle against the oppression of the Roman Empire. This work is a must-read, as it will help one understand the revolutionary, communistic origins of Christianity, as opposed to the "Christianity" defended today by the official church and the ultra-reactionaries in the "Religious Right."

Foundations of Christianity - Kautsky