Level 1: Fundamental Concepts

Introduction to Marxist Economics - Alan Woods and Rob Sewell

An Introduction to Marx's Labor Theory of Value - Mick Brooks (And Part Two)


Level 2: Introduction to Prevalent Modern Economic Developments

Bourgeois Strategists Continue to be Haunted by Marx - Rob Sewell

1929: Can it Happen Again? - Mick Brooks

Stiglitz Blows the Gaff - Mick Brooks

What's Happening to the Working Class? - Mick Brooks


Level 3: Classical Elaborations on Basic Principles

Wage Labor and Capital - Karl Marx

Value, Price, and Profit - Karl Marx


Level 4: In-Depth Analyses of Prevalent Economic Developments

The First Tremors of the World Economy - Ted Grant

The Class Struggle and the Economic Cycle - Alan Woods and Ted Grant


Level 5: Marxist Analyses of Economic Processes and Theories in Recent History

The Capitalist Curve of Development - Leon Trotsky

Will There Be a Slump? - Ted Grant


Level 6: Contemporary Elaborations on Advanced Principles

Marxism and the Theory of "Long Waves" - Alan Woods


Level 7: The Debate Over the Tendency for the Rate of Profit to Fall

The Capitalist Crisis and the Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall - Rob Sewell


Level 8: Classical Elaborations on Advanced Principles

A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy - Karl Marx

Theories of Surplus Value - Karl Marx


Level 9: Prepatory Reading for "Das Kapital"

Synopsis of Marx's "Das Kapital: Vol. One" - Frederick Engels


Level 10: The "Big One"

Das Kapital - Volumes One, Two, and Three - Karl Marx