Level 1: Orientation to Elementary Terms and Concepts

Dialectical Materialism - John Pickard

An Introduction to Dialectical Materialism - Alan Woods and Rob Sewell

Introduction to "ABC of Materialist Dialectics" - Rob Sewell

What is Dialectical Materialism? A Study Guide by Rob Sewell

ABC of Materialist Dialectics - Leon Trotsky (included within previous entry, listed seperately for convenience)


Level 2: Reason in Revolt: Marxism and Modern Science

Introduction to the German Edition of "Reason in Revolt" - Alan Woods

Preface to the First Volume of the US Edition of "Reason in Revolt" - Alan Woods

Preface to the Second Volume of the US Edition of "Reason in Revolt" - Alan Woods

Reason in Revolt - Ted Grant and Alan Woods


Level 3: Engels' Applications of Dialectical Materialism to the Question of Evolution

The Origins of Our Species - Rob Sewell

Engels and Human Development - John Pickard

The Part Played by Labor in the Transition From Ape to Man - Frederick Engels


Level 4: Recent Developments in the Sciences

A Tribute to a Great Scientist: Stephen J. Gould - Fred Weston

What the Human Genome Means for Socialists - Alan Woods

An Alternative to the "Big Bang" - Alan Woods

"The Demonic Ape": A Critique - Alan Woods


Level 5: Marxists on Science

Radio, Science, Technique, and Society - Leon Trotsky


Level 6: The History of Philosophy

History of Philosophy - Alan Woods


Level 7: Principles and Methods of Dialectical Materialism

Theses on Feuerbach - Karl Marx

Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy - Frederick Engels

Marx's and Engels' Letters on Dialectics (different letters vary greatly in relevance)


Level 8: Engels' Application of Dialectical Materialism to General Science

The Dialectics of Nature - Frederick Engels


Level 9: Moderately Advanced Works of Dialectical Materialism

The German Ideology - Karl Marx

Anti-Dühring, Part One: Philosophy - Frederick Engels

Notes on Paulsen's "Introduction to Philosophy" - Lenin


Level 10: Highly Advanced Works of Dialectical Materialism

Conspectus of Hegel's "The Science of Logic" - Lenin

Materialism and Empirio-Criticism - Lenin