[Video] What is Socialism?

 John Peterson, National Secretary of the Workers International and editor of Socialist Appeal, interviewed by Our World Today on the subject of "What is Socialism?".  The interview covers many of the traditional arguments made against socialism and defends the banner of revolutionary Marxism.

[Video] FRETECO: Occupied Factories and Workers' Control in Venezuela

 Watch this new video, produced by Vive TV in Venezuela, about the occupied factories movement.  Presented in Spanish with English subtitles by U.S. Hands Off Venezuela.  You can purchase a copy of the DVD at regular or solidarity price from Wellred USA to show to your trade union local, your class, or your friends.  You may also wish to make a donation to the work of HOV.

[VIDEO] Spanish Revolution: 70 Years Later

John Peterson speaking on Spanish RevolutionJohn Peterson, National Secretary of the Workers International League, presenting at a forum on the Spanish Revolution at May Day Books in Minneapolis, MN on November 13th, 2008.

[VIDEO] John Peterson Speaks on the Venezuelan Revolution

HOV SpeechJohn Peterson, National Secretary of the U.S. Hands Off Venezuela campaign spoke at the Resource Center of the Americas in Minneapolis, MN on the history of the Venezuelan revolution and perspectives for the November 23 regional elections in Venezuela.  Recorded on November 8th, 2008.