[Updated Leaflet] "You Can't Have Capitalism Without Racism"

 These simple words by the great revolutionary martyr Malcolm X sum up a profound truth about the world we live in. Capitalism is a system based on inequality, exploitation, oppression, and discrimination. The working class makes up the vast majority — it is we who create the wealth of society through our labor. But it is the small handful of capitalists who keep most of that wealth and enjoy all the benefits. How is it possible for a tiny minority to dominate the majority?

“The Dog Days of the Left Opposition”

Max Schachtman and James Cannon, July 1934We republish here, for our organization-wide reading, a chapter from James P. Cannon’s book The History of American Trotskyism, “Dog Days of the Left Opposition.” Originally presented as part of a lecture series to New York Marxists in 1942, this chapter highlights the difficult period that the American Left Oppositionists found themselves in after their expulsion from the Communist Party and their reduction to just a small group of Marxists fighting for the ideas of genuine revolutionary Marxism.

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Fight For $15! Fight For Socialism! [Leaflet]

NEWWILLOGO1SmallerDownload a new leaflet on the fight for a $15 minimum wage and socialism.

Many people argue that the working class no longer exists, or that it is no longer a revolutionary force for change. The Marxists, however, look beneath the superficial appearances, and understand that as long as capitalism and classes continue, so too does the class struggle. We cannot look at the unions, their leadership, or the rank and file as something static and unchanging.

Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign [Leaflet]

PTUDC protest HyderabadPakistani workers and trade unionists are struggling to achieve and maintain basic fundamental rights. With fewer than 5% of the workforce actually organized, trade unionists are facing assassinations, assaults, kidnappings, and illegal detentions by the employers and the coercive state apparatus.
There has never been a greater need for international solidarity and support for the Pakistani trade union movement as there is today. Download our new Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign promotional leaflet, and help distribute it widely!