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A new flyer from the WIL.  Print these out and spread the word about the SoS' campaign of genuine class-wide solidarity against the attacks faced by us all.


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Since just after September 11, 2001, the Workers International League has been analyzing U.S. and world events from a working class, Marxist perspective in the pages of Socialist Appeal.  From the crisis facing the American labor movement, to the revolutionary events convulsing the whole of Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, we do far more than simply report the news: we offer a wealth of theory, analysis, and above all, a revolutionary working class solution to the world crisis of capitalism. Wisconsin was just the beginning!

We rely entirely on the support of our members and supporters to produce Socialist Appeal and maintain the online version and now offer digital subscriptions as well (see below). Historic events are on the horizon: with your help we can ensure the ideas defended in Socialist Appeal reach an ever wider audience.

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