Many on the left today use the word Fascist very loosely. It has become more a term of general abuse against reactionaries in general, without taking into consideration the historical circumstances that brought fascism into being. Such an approach can only lead to a lowering of the understanding of what fascism really is, and thus can lead to mistakes in how to fight it.


The United States is the richest and most powerful country on the planet. Yet despite this, the poison of racism remains an integral part of America.

The Democratic Party

One of the most important points in the WIL program is the need for the working class and its unions to break with the capitalist Democratic Party.  The Democratic Party will always defend the interests of big business before it does anything to help the working class.

Marxism and War

In order to conduct an effective struggle against war, it is first necessary to understand the causes of war, and this is only possible if we grasp the class interests behind wars.

Program of the International (May 1970)

Much has changed since this document was first produced, and we have continually refined and updated our perspectives and analysis in subsequent books and articles.  However, the historical value of this document, especially those parts concerning the history of the internationals, the rise of proletarian Bonapartism, and the post-WWII period retain their full force and value.