If America Should Go Communist

trotsky1938We republish here for our organization-wide reading a short article from 1934 by Leon Trotsky discussing perspectives for the quick development of socialism in the United States. Being far more developed than Russia in 1917, the potential for a society of abundance—free from the scarcity that lead to the rise of Stalinism—is greater in the United States than in any other place on the planet. While this article is quite old, it is far more relevant than at the time of its publication.

[Leaflet] $15 is Only the Beginning—Fight for $25!

mcdonaldsstrikeDemanding a $25  minimum wage may seem “unrealistic” from the perspective of capitalism. But those of us who create the wealth of  society cannot proceed from “what is possible” within the artificial limits of profit-driven capitalism, but from the needs of the majority, the wealth actually existing today, and the potential for multiplying that a thousand fold and more under socialism. We support all increases in the minimum wage and oppose all loopholes such as sub-minimum wages and exceptions, however, $25 per hour is the absolute minimum necessary to begin addressing poverty level wages. To achieve all this we need strong unions and a labor party with a revolutionary socialist program. To fight for these we need organization, resources, and numbers. Join us in the struggle for a $25 minimum wage and socialism—a truly democratic world based on plenty and prosperity for all!

[Leaflet] Organize and Fight for Justice and Socialism!

JusticeforJamar2Download our new leaflet for distribution at "Justice for Jamar" events.

On November 15, Jamar Clark, a 24-year-old black man, was handcuffed by police and murdered execution-style. Continuous protests have erupted outside of the 4th Precinct headquarters in North Minneapolis, demanding “Justice for Jamar” and the release of body cam and dashboard footage of the shooting. On Monday, November 23, things escalated when three white supremacists in body armor shot five unarmed protesters who were escorting them away from the protest encampment.

In Defense of Marx’s Labor Theory of Value

dollar-billWe publish here an article by Rob Sewell taking up Marx’s labor theory of value for our November/December organization-wide reading. The labor theory of value was correctly arrived at by the most important classical economists, but it wasn't until Marx that the conclusions flowing from it were understood—that capitalism’s contradictions would inevitably lead to crisis after crisis and that the only way to the further development of the productive forces would be through the transition to a socialist economy.

Marxism FAQ

MarxFeaturedMarxism is the collective, generalized experience of the world working class. By studying the past, we are able to learn from the innovations, mistakes, victories, and defeats of the working class as a whole. By studying theory, history, and the processes unfolding around us, we can, through a series of successive approximations, come to an ever-better understanding of the world and most importantly, we can change it.

This FAQ is intended as an introduction to some of the basic ideas and positions of the Workers International League. In general, we have provided short, concise answers, with plenty of suggestions for further reading, although in some cases we have provided a longer explanation. However, reading the classics of Marxism is the best way to understand these ideas. At first it may seem difficult, but every worker and young person knows that things worth having are worth working hard for! Patient and persistent study, discussion, and ultimately, the day to day application of these ideas over a lifetime are the key.