The Youth and the Socialist Future

sa83featuredEditorial for Socialist Appeal 83 - Today’s youth, the so-called millennials, face a bleak future under capitalism. They carry the highest student debt in history and have entered “adulthood” at a time when housing prices have skyrocketed and the labor market has imploded. More than half of recent graduates are unemployed or underemployed, often in low-wage jobs having nothing to do with their degrees. Nonetheless, they must make monthly payments on an average of $20,000 in student loans.

Textbook Capitalism

collegetextbooksThe vast majority of Americans are workers, and most students come from households where the bread is won by one or two wage-earners. Many spend their winter and summer “breaks” working in the service industry for little more than minimum wage to stay afloat financially, and often a student may work part time during the semester as well. These students have been raised to believe in the promise of the so-called “American Dream,” of a “land of freedom” where supposedly simply by hard and honest work, a college education, and home-cooked American morality, any humble soul can succeed. However, this myth of capitalist American culture, designed to lure the masses into submission, has been thoroughly exposed as a trick in today’s conditions of economic crisis.