The Time is Ripe for a Campaign for a Mass Party of Labor

CMPLEver since we founded of the Workers International League and published the first issue of Socialist Appeal, the need for a mass party of labor has figured prominently in our program and work. The objective need for such a party has been explained in countless editorials and articles. The lack of independent political representation for the US working class is an urgent problem and contradiction, which can only be resolved if the labor movement breaks with the parties of big business and forms a party of, by, and for the working class majority.

Join the Campaign for a Mass Party of Labor!

Happy Labor Day! We're proud to announce the launch of the Campaign for a Mass Party of Labor (CMPL). Over the next few weeks we will be unrolling the campaign, adding to the website, holding local launch meetings in cities across the country, and above all, spreading the word about the need to break with the big business parties and build a mass labor party. We invite you to learn more about, join, and work with us to help build the CMPL. Read more about the CMPL and join here. You can also join the CMPL Facebook group and help spread the word by inviting your friends and contacts.

Independent Labor Candidates the Way Forward for U.S. Workers

ObamaWell over a year since Obama came to power, virtually nothing has been done for the labor movement. No Employee Free Choice Act, no universal health care, no universal living wage, no equal rights for immigrant workers, no repealing of anti-labor laws like Taft-Hartley. The mines are as unsafe as ever and workers continue to die for the profits of the shareholders. This all highlights yet again what Socialist Appeal has explained since our founding issue: we need a mass party of labor to fight for and represent the interests of working class majority of this country. As representatives of the bosses the Democrats simply cannot and will not do this.

Editorial for Socialist Appeal Issue 54

Engels Letter on U.S. Labor Party

 This letter from Frederick Engels to Florence Kelly Wischnewetsky shows his perspective for the development of a labor party in the United States and the way that the Marxists should orient to such a party.  He warns revolutionaries in the U.S. of the dangers of transforming Marxist ideas into a lifeless dogma by taking a sectarian attitude towards such a massive movement of the working class "not of their creation."  Even in this brief letter, there are numerous lessons for Marxists today.

Prospects for a Labor Party (Part 2)

Striking workersThis is a continuation of the Prospects for a Labor Party article.  Note is made of the consciousness of the working class and the changes it went through, starting with the postwar period and tracing these attributes to the present day.  Note is made of opposition currents in trade unions and changes in the consciousness of the working class.  The need for a mass party of labor and of general tendencies that could lead toward the development of a labor party are also discussed.