A Brief History of the MN Farmer-Labor Party

Minnesota Farmer Labor PartyMinnesota’s Farmer-Labor Party was the most successful labor party in United States history. Starting in 1918, it was a labor party in the true sense, not just a “pro-labor” party. It was a political federation of labor unions. The Minnesota Farmer-Labor Association, a grouping of associated unions and farmers, provided the organic connection between labor and the party. Before the party merged with the Democrats in 1944, they had elected three governors, four U.S. Senators, and eight members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Where Is Labor's Voice in the 2010 Elections?


 The 2010 midterm elections are now less than a week away, and the media is ramping up its coverage of the candidates and the “issues.” And yet, with so much at stake for the working majority of the country, in terms of who decides budget priorities at the federal, state, and local level, the voices of labor are few and far between. Where is labor's voice in the midterm elections?

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Labor Candidates in the Carolinas

Brett BurseyHeaded into November’s elections, workers around the country are short on choices. Practically everywhere, they will be forced to go to the ballot box and choose from one of two bosses’ candidates -- or not vote at all.  In South Carolina House District 69, however, it seems workers will finally have the choice of a candidate representing labor.

A Response to Questions About the CMPL

The Workers International League is organizing meetings in a number of cities to raise the idea of the need for a mass labor party in the United States. We sent out a notice for the meeting we will hold in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 9th, 2010. Almost as quickly as this was sent out, we received an e-mail from Sean O’Torain who thanked us for this initiative but also raised some critical comments. The WIL would like to clarify the purpose of the Campaign for a Mass Party of Labor (CMPL).