Understanding Dorner

dornerChristopher Dorner, ex-LAPD officer, sent the LAPD into hysteria with a threatening manifesto and a trail of assassinations of police officers. After nearly two weeks of mayhem, Dorner’s charred remains were recovered from a cabin many believe to be deliberately set on fire by police. The dramatic manhunt captured the nation’s attention and provoked a stormy debate about the LAPD's conduct. The capitalist press selectively covered the events to avoid anything that might embarrass law enforcement. Confused leftists romanticized Dorner as a hero. But it is a meticulous and candid analysis—without bending reality for sentimentality or shortcuts—that is needed to appraise the aftermath of Dorner's rampage.

Tragedy at the Boston Marathon

bostonmarathon1Boston, April 17, 2013—Two days later, still stunned by the horrific scene of two bombs scattering the festive crowds cheering runners crossing the finish line of the 117thrunning of the Boston Marathon, residents of the Boston area are left asking, “Why?”

Bipartisan Sequester Holds Workers Hostage to Austerity

Austerity aheadThe big bad wolf has finally arrived—and he has very real teeth. After weeks of political maneuvering and cynical finger-pointing, the “unthinkable” has become the “inevitable.” $85 billion in automatic spending cuts will now begin raining down on American workers, children, the elderly, and the poor. That it has come to this should come as no surprise. Despite the honest illusions many had in Obama, his real agenda was always clear. As we explained in the days after his reelection

“Ordinary Americans think they have given him a mandate to implement a wide range of progressive reforms. But he is in the pocket of big business. That is his real mandate. He is no longer even nominally ‘accountable’ to the voters, as he cannot run for reelection in 2016. He is accountable only to the rich and powerful who really control this country. His role is to act on their behalf to ram through the cuts one way or another, in one form or another..."

Is College Worth It?

ctuitionThe answer to this question once seemed like a no-brainer. During the years of the postwar boom, college was sold as a kind of normal stage of life for young Americans, and attaining a degree from a public university was a sure way toward a higher salary. It was often quite affordable as well, thanks to things like Pell Grants and a greater amount of public funding. Those days seem far away now.

A Collective Questioning of Capitalism

For the first time since Merriam-Webster began tracking the most looked-up words on their website back in 2003, they have settled on two words instead of one word for the top word searches in 2012: socialism and capitalism. This, just days after a new Gallup survey showed an increase positive views of the word "socialism" among both Republicans and Democrats.