Why ALEC is An Outrage

alec-logosIn August 2013, the city of Chicago was filled with workers and students protesting the 40th anniversary celebration of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Despite the mass outrage and anger that ALEC has created among many layers, there are still many people who have either never heard of ALEC, or do not know what the organization is.

The 1% and the Simmering Discontent

congresssa79Editorial for Socialist Appeal 79 - For the first time in history, a majority of members of Congress are bona fide millionaires. If anyone still has any illusions that the Democrats are somehow a party that fights in the interests of the workers, think again. Democratic members of the congressional delegation are actually even richer, on average, than their Republican counterparts. And if doing the bidding of the 1% while in office isn’t reward enough, there is a highly lucrative “revolving door” between government “service” and the private sector.

Election 2013 and the Changing Mood in America

votehereEditorial for Socialist Appeal 78 - Given the lack of opportunities for political expression in the US, even off-year elections provide important insights into where things stand politically and in which direction they are moving. Frustration with incumbents and disgust with “politics as usual” has reached record highs. Only 9% of Americans think Congress is doing a “good job.” A record low want their own representatives reelected. Just weeks after coming out bruised but on top in the showdown with Republicans over the government shutdown, President Obama’s rating is at its lowest ever—just 39%—lower even than GW Bush at this point in his second term. Only 19% trust the government to do “what is right.”

The NYC Mayoral Election and the Working Class

homelessnyc2013 is an off year for elections, involving races for cities, towns, and a few state governments. Among the more prominent elections is the one for mayor of New York City, which the ruling class says is “the second toughest job” in the country, the first being president. From their perspective, it is a tough job to rule and exploit the masses.


The Lessons of Washington's Near-Meltdown

capitolFor 16 days, the world waited with bated breath as the US government was shut down and teetered on the brink of default. At the eleventh hour, a deal was rammed through both the Senate and the House and signed by Obama, thus averting the immediate crisis. What is the meaning of all this? What are the ramifications for American politics and the capitalist system itself?