Food and the Socialist Revolution

sa81coverfeaturedEditorial for Socialist Appeal 81 - Americans’ dysfunctional relationship with food is regularly lamented or mocked in the media and in academia. What is never explained is the root cause of this dysfunction. Marxism explains that conditions determine consciousness. Your physical and social environment heavily influences the choices you make by limiting the very choices that are available to you. For most Americans, decisions about food are based on budget, time, availability, marketing, and the societal norms of their peers and community. These social and cultural norms are as conditioned by material conditions and possibilities as individual choices are. If cheap, convenient food—scientifically engineered to appeal to our biological cravings for fat, salt, and carbs—are all that most people have access to, know about, and can afford, guess what they’re going to “choose”? But the dysfunction goes far beyond that.

The Drought In California and the Need For Socialism

obamagolfWhile harsh cold and extreme weather conditions hit the rest of the country, California is heating up and has just recorded its driest year on record. Early in February, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency and called on Californians to reduce water usage by 20%. But the solution must go beyond individual conservation efforts, and strike at the heart of the issue.


Education in Crisis in California

berkleyprotest460The state of education in California has been in constant decline. In the past few years, the Democrats have been scrambling for some kind of solution, but they have nothing to offer students and working people. Ultimately, there can be no real solution to the problems of education within the narrow confines of the capitalist system.


Obamacare: Fact and Fiction

healthcareusaThe Affordable Care Act (ACA), colloquially known as “Obamacare,” is now rolling out across the country. The embarrassing technical difficulties faced by the program’s website dominated headlines for weeks—serving to obscure the real facts about the program. Many Americans had high hopes for Obama’s signature program, in particular young workers without any medical coverage. Surely, they thought, any change must be better than the status quo. But what is the reality?