Homeland Security? What About Job Security?

As the Republicans celebrate their mid-term election victory, the drums of war are growing ever louder, and the bourgeois economists insist that a sustained recovery is just around the corner. We are told that the passing of the Homeland Security bill will mean greater safety, stability, and that the "war on terror" is being successfully waged in the interest of all Americans. However, the real situation is becoming more and more clear to millions of working people.

2002 - A Year of Betrayal by the Democrats

As we celebrate the holiday season and say goodbye to the year 2002, it is also a time when we look back on the preceding year and make our resolutions for the next. 2002 has been a tumultuous and crisis-ridden year, marked on the one hand by continuing economic stagnation and on the other by the looming war with Iraq. It has also been a very turbulent year politically.

A First Look at U.S. Election 2004: “Democracy” Rears Its Ugly Head

The U.S. Presidential Election of 2004 marks yet another turning point in the rapidly changing consciousness of the American working class. The result, which should come as no real surprise to readers of Marxist.com, dashed the hopes of millions who sincerely thought they could get rid of Bush by voting for a “lesser evil”. The main lesson to be drawn from the 2004 election is that working people cannot rely on the representatives of another class to fight our battles for us. We can rely only on our own forces and organizations, and must build a mass party of labor that can truly defend our interests.

The Fight for a Living Wage: For a Class-Independent Mass Party of Labor

In May of 2005, the common council of Syracuse, N.Y. passed a living wage ordinance, forcing companies doing business with the city to pay their workers at least $10.08 an hour, or $11.91 an hour if their company doesn’t provide health benefits. The ordinance affects about 200 workers in the city.