Military Recruiters and the Iraq War

With the occupation of Iraq spiraling out of control and growing increasingly unpopular among the majority of Americans, military recruiting would seem to be as winning an endeavor as selling tickets to get on board a sinking ship. It therefore comes as no surprise that military recruiters have been falling well short of fulfilling their quotas.

New Repressions, Same Old Class War

Before the break for the mid-term elections, both Houses of Congress voted to approve a bill, The Military Commissions Act of 2006, heavily pushed for by the Bush administration. Although cloaked in the rhetoric of the “war on terror, in reality this bill will give the executive branch enormous powers, including the ability to suspend the rights of whomever it decides.

The Bosses' War is the Workers' Burden

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan take a toll out on workers both in the US and overseas. How much more can the world working class take?

US Imperialism and the War on Iraq

As preparations for war with Iraq continue, and prospects for the economy look bleak, John Peterson looks at the complete hypocrisy of the US government in relation to Iraq.

One Year Since Katrina: the Disaster Continues

One Year Since Katrina: the Disaster Continues Exactly one year ago, the winds and waters of yet another hurricane crashed into the Gulf Coast of the United States. But this was no "routine" tropical storm. This was Hurricane Katrina - a Category 3 killer which swept away levees, homes, communities, memories, and 1,577 lives. Katrina and its aftermath also swept away the illusions of millions in the US and around the world: it was a savage reminder that all is not well in the proverbial "land of milk and honey".