The U.S.A. and the World

Originally published in the book Marxism and the USA, published by and available from Wellred.

"The terrible events of September 11, 2001 marked a turning point in the history of the United States and the whole world. Overnight, it became impossible for ordinary U.S. citizens to imagine that what was happening in the outside world was no concern of theirs. A general sense of insecurity and apprehension seized the national psychology. Suddenly, the world became a hostile and dangerous place. Ever since September 11, Americans have been trying to make sense of the kind of world that could produce such horrors."

Saddam Hussein's Execution and the Iraq War

The execution of Saddam Hussein could not have been a more cynically calculated PR event if a banner proclaiming "mission accomplished" had been placed above the gallows. His hanging will not provide a day of relief from the misery, humiliation, and violence the Iraqi people are enduring under the occupation, or absolve imperialism of its role in Saddam's rise to power and decades of brutal rule.

Happy Red New Year!

The Workers International League and Socialist Appeal would like to thank all our readers and sympathizers for all the support they have given us over in the past year.  2006 was a busy and exciting year for us here in the U.S., and for the International Marxist Tendency around the world.  The Latin American Revolution continue to pick up steam, while in the U.S. the mood of discontent continues to rumble just beneath the surface of society (with notable explosions to the surface, for example, the magnificent immigrant workers' movement).  We are now in the process of strengthening our organizational capacity, with plans to publish more books, as well as continuing to improve the print quality and frequency of Socialist Appeal and El Militante Sin Fronteras. We therefore appeal to our supporters to make a New Year donation to our Fighting Fund , or to visit Wellred Books to make some post-holiday purchases. We look forward to continuing our coverage and analysis of U.S. and world events from an internationalist, working class perspective, and to building the forces of revolutionary Marxism in the "belly of the beast"! We thank you for your support!

U.S. Elections 2006: A Referendum on Bush

In what was in all but name a referendum on George W. Bush, the Democratic Party has been swept into power in the House of Representatives and Senate.  The majority of state governors’ mansions were won by the Democrats as well. The bulk of state legislatures now have Democratic majorities. After six years of Bush and twelve years of Republican control of the House, working people in the United States have rejected those policies.

An Initial Look at the U.S. Mid-Term Elections

Bush BruisedThis year's mid-term elections mark yet another change in the consciousness of the U.S. working class.  Every such change needs to be examined carefully from a dialectical, Marxist, working class perspective so we can understand and approach it accordingly.   Workers' consciousness is not fixed in stone. We can't have a one-sided approach to what is an infinitely complex process, especially in a country as rife with contradictions as the U.S.  This brief, initial analysis will be followed by a series of articles in the coming days and weeks, which will examine various aspects of the elections and their aftermath.