Clinton Now the Clear Ruling-Class Favorite

Clinton smugIt is now quite clear that the US establishment has made its choice: Hillary Clinton is the favorite of the decisive sectors of bankers, industrialists, military brass, the conservative trade union leaders, and even key leaders of the Republican Party itself.

America the Great, Good, and Stupid: The Second Clinton-Trump Debate

clump unchainedOn Sunday evening, the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees met at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri for their second televised debate. In a country besieged by killer clowns, the liberal media’s most hated buffoon and “Killary” Clinton took center stage to “debate” the issues confronting the US and the world.

The Trump-Clinton TV Debate: Bread and Circuses

Image result for trump and clintonIn ancient Rome the ruling class maintained its hold on power by offering the people bread and circuses. Yesterday millions of people watched the first US presidential debate, held at Hofstra University, New York. This was the modern equivalent of the kind of circus that served as a spectacle to divert the attention of the masses from their miserable conditions of existence.

American Democracy in the Days of The Donald

trump facecrunchAugust 2016 marks the one-year anniversary of Donald J. Trump occupying a space on every smartphone, desktop, and television across the country. For all of his successes and scandals, he is a spectacular specimen of the sheer absurdity of capitalism’s survival long past its "expiration date".


Bernie or Bust? The Way Forward for the Revolution

Just a few days after correctly identifying Hillary Clinton as part of the establishment in his op-ed piece in the New York Times, Bernie has come out saying the most important priority is to defeat Donald Trump, that he will vote for Clinton, and there are clear indications that negotiations are ongoing between his and Hillary’s campaign for a formal endorsement. Is this how the “Political Revolution” ends up? After hundreds of thousands cheered his call to fight the “billionaire class” at rallies across the country? After millions voted for him in primaries and caucuses? After millions of Americans felt that the 99% finally had a voice in politics? Will electing Clinton really defeat the hate-filled politics of Donald Trump? Or will it actually prepare the ground for an even more vicious right wing in the years ahead? How can we end the vicious two-establishment-parties cycle once and for all? Serious activists who really want a revolution need to examine these issues carefully.