Book Review of "Our Revolution" by Bernie Sanders

Sanders bookNew mass political parties and movements like Syriza in Greece, Podemos in Spain, the Corbyn wing of the Labour Party in Britain, and Jean-Luc Melenchon’s Rebellious France have come from nowhere to challenge the system. The movement around Bernie Sanders is part of the same process, but it has no future unless it breaks with the Democratic Party. 

The Scalise Shooting and the Poison of Terrorism


james t hodgkinson

On Wednesday, Americans received the jarring news that a US Congressman had been shot down during practice for a bipartisan baseball charity event. A nation chronically desensitized to images of sensational and senseless violence stopped its morning routine to observe the disturbing development of a mass shooting—something ordinarily reserved for children’s schools, “inner-city” crime, and faraway war zones—bringing down a senior Capitol Hill politician. 

DNC "Unity" Tour: Bernie's Rightward Journey

tom perez bernie sanders Since the DNC last summer, Bernie Sanders has only tightened his embrace of the party that stabbed him in the back, even touring the country with DNC chair, Tom Perez. The liberal bourgeois are asking "Can Sanders save the Democratic Party?" but what stands in the way of a real resistance against Trump and the capitalist system as a whole is the creation of a mass socialist party of the working class.

Trump’s “Big League” Tax Reform

“We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to do something big,” announced Gary Cohn, Trump’s top economic advisor, when unveiling the administration’s new tax plan. That “something big” is the transfer of up to $7 trillion into the pockets of the capitalists in tax breaks over the next decade.


American Education: Separate and Unequal

betsy devosA robust system of public education is the foundation of any advanced economy, and the state of this institution is a reliable indicator of the health and values of the society in which it operates. In the ruling class’s attitude to public education, one can see the reflection of a system that has long outlived its usefulness.