The Economy

Gasoline Prices, Big Business, and the Working Class

The recent rise in gasoline prices around the country is yet another example of why democratic control over the commanding heights of the economy is the only way forward for working people.  This short article will explain why.  An increase in gasoline prices affects all aspects of the economy - from transportation and shipping to the final cost of goods which must be shipped.    But above all, it hits working people - especially the working poor who already live from paycheck to paycheck.

Health Care Woes

It is no secret that we live in an age where the average working person has two things constantly looming over them. Those two omnipresent worries are to maintain a steady paycheck and to maintain one's health to keep oneself in a condition to get that paycheck. So, it is no surprise that the new Medicare drug benefit fiasco has the older generation of the U.S. working class worried - very worried.