Letter: Life in the Fast Food and Service Lane

fastfoodstrikeThis situation—in which the people who feed us, clothe us, furnish our homes and so on, are compelled to live with barely any food, inferior clothes, and scant furniture and electronics, while their super-rich jet-setter bosses squander countless millions on creature comforts and idiotic fancies—is as natural to capitalism as police harassment, foreign invasions, and omnipresent advertisements.

Letter to the Editor by WIL Member Printed in Minneapolis Star Tribune

We republish here a letter to the editor, written by John Peterson of the Workers International League, originally published in the July 16th edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune in response to an article that was published under the title "Americans shouldn't fling the 'socialist' label so casually" by Milos Forman.

Remembering a Lincoln Veteran: on the Life of Harry Fisher – An Interview with Ulrich Kolbe

Photo: Emi IthenThe following interview with Ulrich Kolbe is centered on his friend and comrade, Harry Fisher. Harry was a veteran of the Abraham Lincoln Battalion, an all-volunteer force made up of more than 2,000 American workers and students who went to Spain during that country's Civil War, in order to fight fascism. Although the party had already undergone the process of Stalinist degeneration, the workers who made up its ranks were convinced that they were fighting for socialism.

How I Left the Democratic Party and Found the WIL

will shapiraIn this letter, Will Shapiraof Roseville, MN describes his disillusionment with the Democrats and how he joined the WIL after a process of trying out various leftist groups.

"I’m a lifer Minnesotan, born and reared in the tradition of Hubert H. Humphrey and Eugene J. McCarthy, both deceased, and whom I covered as a reporter in the 1960s. My family always voted the straight Democratic Farmer-Labor ticket, Minnesota’s version of Democrat, and so did I until I began to feel the need for something better..."


Notes from a Jimmy John’s Worker (Part 3)

Jimmy JohnsDespite the commonplace misperception that fast-food workers are lazy, resentful teens who need to learn how to work, the opposite is true. At Jimmy Johns the workers’ mood is very often serious, hopeful, and dedicated. Those workers lacking those qualities soon fail their coworkers and earn the ire both of them and of the management, and they are canned soon enough. This is true, in my experience, in the fast food, restaurant, and service industries generally. Jimmy John’s workers, as members of the working class as a whole, are exploited by Jimmy John’s owners, who,  as members of the capitalist class, exploit the working class as a whole. A worker can go from one employer to another, but a worker cannot escape capitalism, which daily tightens its grip around the class.