Interview with Lal Khan from Pakistan

John Peterson interviews Pakistani activist and author Lal Khan for New Youth Magazine, the forerunner to Socialist Appeal.

Interview with Ramona Africa

The only surviving member of the 1985 bombing of the MOVE house by the polce tells her side of the story. The police bombed their home and murdered innocent men, men women and children, yet Ramona Africa was the only one to serve prison time.

An Open Letter to the YCL

An open letter to our comrades in the Young Communist League. Comradely greetings from the WIL!

Draft Resolution to the YCL: Withdraw support to the Democratic Party

This resolution was put forth by YCL member Michael Feldman at their recent conference in Chicago.  While it did not get passed, there was support from the rank and file comrades. The WIL and YFIS believe that this resolution should be supported in the future, and all honest communists in the CP and YCL must adopt a class stance on the question of electoral politics.  No more support to the Democrats!   For a class-independent, mass party of labor, based on the trade unions, armed with a socialist program!