Letter from New York

In this letter, TT describes his background and his interest in the WIL. 

Letter from PA’s Coal Country

This is a letter from Nick B., indicating that he has been considering joining the WIL, and wants to discuss this with WIL comrades.  He also makes note of his background and the necessity of practice. 

Letter: Unsafe Conditions in White Collar Workplaces

Often times when I worked at FedEx, with its rampant disregard for worker safety, I pondered how nice and healthy it would be to work in an office environment, not having to worry about things like a limb getting maimed by unprotected machinery, inhalation of harmful chemical fumes or exposure to level 3 radioactive materials in heavy lead containers.  Of course, my reality perception was given a twist once I began working at the local newspaper in the Art Dept. 

Letter From a Vietnam Veteran

We received this letter from a veteran in Pittsburgh who read our report on the anti-war demonstration of March 24th.