Letter: Revolutionary Masses in the Americas

Chavez DemoIn this letter, Kevin Nance analyzes the development of class consciousness across the Americas, including the United States.  The author of the letter goes on to show the problems of leadership and the need for a mass party of labor.

John Peterson interviewed on Latin America

JP interviewed by Suzanne LintoJohn Peterson, National Secretary of the Workers International League, is interviewed by Suzanne Linton for "Our World Today" on the subject of Latin America. Filmed on October 20th, 2008.

Socialist Appeal Interviews Rosa Clemente

Rosa ClementeSocialist Appeal carried out an interview with the Green Party vice presidential candidate, Rosa Clemente.  In this interview, she explains her views on the elections, the Democrats and Republicans, the war in Iraq, immigration, the revolutionary wave in Latin America, and more.

Rosa Clemente Interview with Socialist Appeal

Rosa Clemente Addresses the March on the RNCSocialist Appeal recently interviewed Rosa Clemente, Vice Presidential candidate for the Power to the People Campaign and the Green Party. In it, she talks about the trade unions, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, immigration, the need to break with the Democrats, universal health care and education, and socialism. Visit You Tube to see the video , and please rate / comment on it.