Capitalism's Healthcare Emergency

healthcare crisisIn the era of genome sequencing and 3D organ printing, we are still struggling for access to basic care. That's why Marxists call for a socialized, national healthcare system that is free at the point of care for everyone—a demand that can only be realized on the basis of mass mobilizations by a workers’ movement committed to class struggle.

A Sanders Delegate’s Account of the Nevada Democratic Convention

We received the following letter from a participant in the May 14, 2016 Nevada Democratic Party state convention. As the writer explains, supporters of Bernie Sanders received a harsh lesson in the “School of the Democrats,” as their attempts to bring about real change through that party slammed into a wall of undemocratic bureaucratic maneuvers, cynicism, and Nevada State Troopers. As we have explained many times, we do not think it is possible for the working class to “take over” the existing Democratic Party. Thousands of activists in the Sanders campaign who have tried this are now having second thoughts, and are drawing increasingly radical conclusions. A video graphically showing these events is available here.

Interview With a Pittsburgh Casino Worker

riverscasinoThe Rivers Casino is the only business of its kind in the city of Pittsburgh. It is also one of the only nonunionized casinos in the state, a fact the workers there intend to change. Socialist Appeal spoke to Fred Lapka, one of the workers organizing the union drive, about the union campaign at the casino.


Slave Labor in Retreat on Florida's Corporate Farms

ciwWe publish here an article that was submitted to our website about the struggles of farm workers involved in the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. Socialist Appeal is posting this article because we feel our readers would like to know about the conditions one of the most exploited sections of the working class have to live in, and because we support their struggle against agribusiness and the corporations that control the food industry in this country.

The battle should not stop at merely eliminating the worst conditions, but must go even further, in order to guarantee that farm workers win the same rights, wages, and conditions as other unionized employees. However, capitalism is in a deep crisis, and all workers are under attack. The formation of a union, although an important step forward, will not be enough to stop the onslaught. This is why ultimately, only the socialist transformation of society can guarantee a high quality of life for all workers. We support the CIW's campaign to get the big food companies to adhere to their plan for higher pay and better conditions, but we point out that these same fast food restaurants and supermarkets heavily exploit their own workers. The farm workers' struggle and the struggle of fast food and grocery workers to unionize and win higher wages and better conditions must go hand and hand. Together, the working class has the power to defeat the big food bosses.