The Battle for Wisconsin: Round Two

wisconsin solidarity fistGovernor Scott Walker has begun the second round of aggressive attacks on Wisconsin’s workers. The proposed budget cuts affect public education, the University system, workers’ compensation, elder care, and the environment, to name a few. It is no coincidence that while they work to pass one of the largest budgets cuts in history, they also introduced legislation to undermine the power of organized labor. Despite the efforts of the capitalist media to portray unions as obsolete, the ruling class knows that unions signify one of the last lines of defense for working class families. Only in this context is it possible to understand why Scott Walker and his cronies chose to introduce this legislation, when only a few months ago he described it as a “distraction” and not part of his agenda.

Largest Oil Workers' Strike Since 1980 Enters Fourth Week

oil-strikeOn February 1, 3,800 workers walked out of 9 oil producing facilities in the US. In the past three weeks, the strike has spread to 6 additional plants, including the Motiva Enterprises refinery in Port Arthur, Texas, which has a crude capacity of 600,000 barrels a day, the largest of its kind in the country. The strike now involves 6,550 workers, at plants accounting for 20% of the country’s refining capacity. This is the largest walkout since 1980, and there is the possibility of it spreading to more workplaces.

Wisconsin “Right to Work” and the Budget Cuts: More for the Rich and Less for the Poor!

wisconsin madison fist walker protest“Right to Work” legislation and the budget cuts proposed in Wisconsin are direct attacks on workers’ rights, public education, the University system, workers’ compensation, elder care, and the environment, to name a few. This coordinated attack on the livelihoods of Wisconsin workers is no coincidence, but rather, the result of the greedy interests of capitalists who aim to increase their profits at our expense. If passed, this budget and RTW legislation will result in a further downward economic spiral with massive layoffs and depressed wages.

Philadelphia Teachers Under Attack—Labor Must Mobilize!

pftThe Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT)—representing more than 12,000 teachers and educational professionals across the Philadelphia School District—faces a major assault. At a virtually unannounced meeting on October 6, the School Reform Commission (SRC) unanimously voted to unilaterally rescind the teachers’ contract and gut the their healthcare coverage. Whereas PFT members once enjoyed a free, quality health insurance plan, they will now have to pay thousands of dollars per year out of pocket.

Q & A on the Struggle for a Higher Minimum Wage

mcdonaldsstrikeThere is a lot activity and buzz around the struggle to raise the minimum wage. Socialist Appeal would like to add our perspective to the broader discussion.