Spain: Masses Cheer New Mayors as Right Wing is Wiped Out From Main Cities

Spain 2015electionThousands came out to cheer the swearing in of new mayors in Spain on Saturday June 13, in scenes not seen since 1979 or perhaps 1931. The May 24 municipal and regional elections represented a serious setback for the ruling right-wing PP. But the extent of their defeat was not clearly visualized until June 13, when mayors representing parties and alliances to the left of social democracy were sworn in, in 4 of the 5 largest cities in the country: Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, and Valencia. The fifth, Seville, was taken over by a PSOE mayor, with the support of Podemos-backed “Participa Sevilla,” and United Left (IU).

Greece: Mask of Credit Sharks Falls

greeceeuroThe recent developments in the talks between the government and the creditors represent a key political milestone. The representatives of the creditors in their attempt to blackmail the Greek government have rejected the government’s attempts at compromise. The stance of these sharks is totally unacceptable to the working people of Greece and contradicts completely the program that SYRIZA stood on in the elections. The demands they have posed on the government are a package of measures which would mean a relentless assault on the living standards of the working masses, that were already impoverished by the previous Memoranda.

Mexico: June 7 Elections Reveal Discontent and Need for Social Change

oaxaca elecciones cnteMidterm elections were held in Mexico June 7 with an abstention rate of over 55%. Election day was diverse and contradictory. We saw a struggle for an open boycott in states like Oaxaca, Guerrero, Chiapas, and Michoacan. An independent candidate in Nuevo Leon won. As well, different expressions of local discontent were revealed as the advance of Morena in Mexico City and the retreat of the PRD, which has ruled the capital since 1997, has shown. The general characteristic of this election is that it reflects a growing criticism of the regime and the need for change. Contrary to official statements, what we saw was not the strengthening of democracy, but rather an increased questioning of all political parties and the outdated and corrupt state institutions.

Political Earthquake in Turkish Elections

2015 HDPThe result of Sunday’s Turkish general elections and the clear defeat of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s AK Party mark a qualitative change in the situation in the country and bear important consequences for the whole of the Middle East.

AK Party still retained more than 40.9% of the total vote (18.9 million), but the bitter mood of the party’s leaders and supporters at post-election events reveal clearly the scope of their defeat. The ruling party, which had previously gone from strength to strength since it erupted onto the stage in 2002, lost 2.6 million votes and 69 MPs, compared to the 2011 results.

Britain: Ruling Class Announces Latest Attacks on Workers and the Unemployed

queen s speechOn May 27, the Queen of England announced, on behalf of the new Tory government, the latest vicious attacks on workers, youth, and the poor that can be expected in the coming period: a raft of cuts to benefits, particularly aimed at young people; the depletion of the publicly owned housing stock, relied upon by those most in need; and the most serious assault on trade union rights in decades. The scene is now set for an intense class struggle in the period ahead.

The queen made her annual speech while sitting atop a golden throne, wearing a crown made entirely of jewels, surrounded by people wearing cloaks trimmed with ermine. Such is the grotesque pantomime of British “democracy.”