Suruc Massacre: Heinous Crime Responsibility of a Heinous Regime

surucTuesday a massacre took place in the district of Suruç in southern Turkey. A massive blast ripped through a meeting of the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations (SGDF) gathered at the Amara Culture Center. It is reported that at least 300 of the federation’s members were gathered at the time of the explosion, and initial numbers indicate a death toll of at least 30 people, in addition to around a hundred wounded. These numbers could rise in the coming days.

Blairites Rattled as Corbyn Campaign Gathers Pace—Victory is Possible!

jeremy corbyn 2To the shock and surprise of the Blairites, Jeremy Corbyn has emerged as the frontrunner in the race to become the next leader of the British Labour Party. At the time of writing, Jeremy has secured the nominations of 70 constituency Labour parties, ahead of the “favorite” Andy Burnham at 67, with Yvette Cooper on 58 and the arch-Blairite Liz Kendall trailing at 12. At the same time, a leaked private poll of party members has shown Jeremy to have a commanding lead of 15 points over his three right-wing opponents.

For the ruling class, it is not the prospect of a Labour Party led by Jeremy losing the next election that keeps them awake at night. What they’re really worried about is precisely the opposite: that a victory for Jeremy would mean giving a prominent platform in parliament to a strong anti-austerity voice, which in turn could open the way for a mass movement that could provide people with the confidence to stand up and fight back against austerity.

Greek Referendum: A Slap in the Face for the Troika—What Next?

Oxi demonstration in front of parliamentThe referendum has transformed the mood in the factories and on the streets. It has boosted the morale of the workers and strengthened their self-confidence. This was revealed in the mass rallies that occurred both before the referendum and after the result became known.

However, the present mood of euphoria will not last. There are still huge obstacles to be met. The biggest and most decisive battles lay in the future. And Greece is now deeply polarized along class lines. The gulf between the classes has widened into an unbridgeable abyss. The antagonism between the “Yes” and “No” camps resembles in many ways the extreme polarization we see in Venezuela—that is to say, it resembles a revolution.

Greece: Let’s Take the Banks and the Power Out of the Hands of the Blackmailers—No to Passive “Serenity”—For Mass Action and Radical Measures!

communist tendency syrizaWe already find ourselves fighting in a bitter class war that has been declared against the vast majority of the Greek people by the “black front” of the Troika and the Greek oligarchy. Wars are not won with passive “serenity,” but with militancy and a proper plan. The time has come for mass action and radical measures.

Ayotzinapa: Evidence of Army Involvement in Students’ Disappearance

ayotzinapa mural9 months ago, a group of Ayotzinapa teacher students were attacked by local police in the town of Iguala, Guerrero, and 43 were disappeared against their will. Now, new evidence has now come to light proving the involvement of the Mexican Army in the events of September 26, 2014.

From the very beginning, the movement organized by parents of the disappeared and their comrades had one slogan: “Fue El Estado” (“the state did it”). As time goes by, more and more details are revealed about how right they have been all along.