Venezuela: Counterrevolution Wins Election

maduroLate into the night on December 6, the Venezuelan National Electoral Council announced provisional but conclusive results for the parliamentary election. The counterrevolutionary opposition MUD had won 99 seats to the Bolivarian PSUV’s 46, with another 22 remaining to be allocated. This is a serious setback, and it is our duty to analyze the reasons and explain the likely consequences.

Deep Discontent in Japanese Society

JapaneseMilitaryJapanese society is in a deep crisis. After decades of economic stagnation, the political elite is making desperate attempts to revive the economy, at the same time as attempting to whip up anti-Chinese nationalist sentiment to shore up support. Yet, the recent mass movement against the reinterpretation of the so-called “pacifist clause” shows that the political system is reaching its limits.

The Turkish Provocation: Will it Lead to War?

plane-crashThis morning the Turkish military shot down a Russian military aircraft on the border with Syria. It is unclear so far whether it was ground fire or Turkish jets that brought down the Russian plane. But that is a mere detail. What is quite clear is that this was a blatant provocation by the Turkish ruling clique.

Reject National Unity, Unmask the Imperialists, Defend our Democratic Freedoms

attackThe attacks in Paris have aroused the revulsion and anger of millions of French workers and youth. Three days later, these feelings are still far from dying down. The fear of new attacks is palpable. It is fed by the obvious failure of the authorities to prevent Friday’s carnage, ten months after the attack on Charlie Hebdo. This weekend the streets of France’s major cities were all but deserted, bearing witness to this collective anxiety.

The Paris Massacre: Dynamite in the Foundations

survivor-shooting-parisLast Friday, Paris was the scene of mass slaughter in which at least one hundred and twenty-nine people, mostly young kids enjoying themselves in cafes and a rock concert, were shot down in cold blood. The killers, shouting Allahu Akbar, discharged magazine after magazine, calmly reloading before killing more defenseless people as they lay helpless on the ground.