Undocumented Immigrants: "We Are the Working Class of America"

Demonstrations and marches have been taking across the USA, but it wasn't until Chicago's 500,000 and Los Angeles' 1,000,000-plus marches that the mood really took off. Taking their inspiration from these historic and unexpected turnouts, millions of undocumented workers and their supporters turned out in droves for another wave of mobilizations on April 9th and 10th.

Massive movement of immigrants against Bush policies

The move to the left that we workers are experiencing will be sooner or later reflected in the United States. The revolutions and insurrections we are seeing in Latin America, particularly in Venezuela and Bolivia, not only inspired the movements we are seeing at the moment in Los Angeles, they also mark a new period in the class struggle.

The Truth Behind Bush's Immigration "Reform"

Bush's new plan for immigration "reform" will benefit only the ruling classes of the US and Latin America, Mexico in particular.  Working people will only see their conditions of life further deteriorate while big business pockets big profits.

The Anti-Immigration Laws: Who Are the Real Friends of Latin American Workers?

In the recent past, the question of illegal immigration and immigrant rights has hit the headlines once again. Anti-immigrant pronouncements by various local and national government officials, as well as several proposed pieces of legislation that would criminalize and persecute immigrants have been proposed. Proposed U.S. House of Representatives bill 4437 would treat undocumented immigrants as criminals, as well as those that "aid and abet" them, such as trade unions, churches, non-profits, etc.