International Working Women's Day - By V.I. Lenin

"The working woman and the peasant woman are oppressed by capital, but over and above that, even in the most democratic of the bourgeois republics, they remain, firstly, deprived of some rights because the law does not give them equality with men; and secondly - and this is the main thing - they remain in "household bondage", they continue to be “household slaves", for they are overburdened with the drudgery of the most squalid, backbreaking and stultifying toil in the kitchen and the family household." V.I.Lenin, March 4, 1921

The Tasks of the Immigrant Workers’ Movement: For a working class program!

As we approach the first anniversary of the immigrant worker mega-marches, the struggle for our rights continues. We defeated the Sensenbrenner bill, and yet the attacks on the families of undocumented workers have intensified. Attacks on our class must be met with a decisive response!

Hundreds of Immigrant Workers Detained in Raid

Women Targeted in ICE RaidsEarly in the morning of March 6th, two days before International Women’s Day, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials made a massive raid at a sweatshop in the Massachusetts city of New Bedford. 327 workers, mainly female, and many mothers of young children, were rounded up and detained.