"ICE" Strikes In Oregon - End the Raids, End the Deportations!

On the morning of June 12, at a Del Monte food processing plant in North Portland, Oregon, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) sent in 160 agents in an over-the-top display of force against the plant's mostly immigrant workers. 167 of these workers were rounded up like animals and now face deportation in the largest raid that anyone can remember in Oregon's recent history. ICE agents also went into apartment complexes and at least one high school in search of more victims. Their actions were so egregious that even Portland Mayor Tom Potter was compelled to condemn them.

Only Pressure on the Streets Can Advance the Struggle of Immigrant Workers

Senate in SessionNegotiations in the U.S. Senate on immigration “reform” legislation have stalled.  Is this a victory or a defeat for the working class? Despite the hypocritical tears of some national immigrant rights leaders who lament that “we lost a big opportunity”, in reality, this stagnation of the process reflects an equilibrium in the balance of forces between those who benefit from the most miserable exploitation of 12 million workers, and the interests and organizational strength of those workers and their allies. A detailed analysis of the proposal clearly reveals that this is an anti-immigrant “reform” which would increase the persecution of undocumented immigrants. This law would not improve the conditions of life of millions of families; on the contrary, it would make things worse.

What’s Really in the Flake-Gutierrez (STRIVE) Act?

Immigrant MobilizationMany traditional immigrant rights organizations are putting enormous pressure on grass roots groups to support the “Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy Act” (STRIVE).  This proposal, put forward by Republican Jeff Flake (AZ) and Democrat Luis Gutierrez (IL), is being presented as a “lesser evil” and “the best we can get”.  While on the surface it isn’t as overtly aggressive as Sensenbrenner’s HR4437, this remains an enforcement-first bill and offers little or nothing to immigrant workers and their families.

From the rice fields to the modern day call centers - Marxism vs. Feminism. Part two.

Following on from our publication of Part One of this article to commemorate March 8, International Working Women’s Day, we are publishing Part Two, which starts with the role of women in the Italian resistance movement and then goes on to analyse the Italian feminist movement from the Second World War up until today.

From the rice fields to the modern day call centers - Marxism vs. Feminism. Part one.

Tomorrow, March 8, is International Working Women’s Day, and to mark this important event we are publishing this article. It was first printed in issue Number 5 of ‘In difesa del marxismo’, the theoretical magazine of the Italian Marxist journal FalceMartello. Although originally written for an Italian audience we believe it is of interest to labour movement activists and youth around the world.