Their Immigration Reform & Ours

Immigrant Rights RallyWith this year’s May Day mobilizations, the question immigration is again a hot topic for discussion. Since 2006, when millions of immigrants and their allies took the streets in historic marches, May 1st has turned into a point of reference in the fight for immigrants’ rights.

Fight Back Against Women’s Oppression!

Women fight backWe are living in one of the most turbulent periods in history. The economic crisis, through its sheer scale and reach, is bringing about a wholesale change in the consciousness of working people the world over. The contradictions and weaknesses of this system are becoming plainly evident as capitalism buckles under its own weight. As always, it is the poor, the oppressed, and the workers who must shoulder this weight in order to hold up the privileges of the rich. Working women in particular have borne the brunt of this burden.

Does Obama’s Victory Mean the End of Racism in America?

Blacks for ObamaAn overwhelming 95 percent of black voters cast their ballots for Barack Obama.  The scenes on the streets in Chicago and around the country were full of jubilation, as many working people, both Black and white, fervently believe that change is now on the horizon.

Many commentators from the mainstream media share this exuberance, and have even compared Obama to Moses. Spike Lee, the famous director of such films as Do the Right Thing, Bamboozled, Malcolm X, and others, has gone so far as to say that America has moved beyond race...Has the U.S. truly moved beyond racism? We don’t think so.

NYPD Gets Away with Murder Again

Sean BellOn November 25, 2006, undercover detectives shot three unarmed black men.  Sean Bell, who was to be married the next day, was killed.  Two of his friends, Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman were wounded.  The NYPD claims that 50 shots were fired at the men.  The NYPD claims that the detectives were investigating the sale of illegal firearms.  However, no fire arms were found on Sean Bell or any of his friends.  This incident occurred even though the NYPD claims that the purpose of undercover policemen is to gather information for later arrests by uniformed police.  Therefore, not only are undercover police not supposed to fire their weapons, they are not even supposed to make an arrest!

The Case of the “Jena Six”

Jena 6 ProtestThe case of the Jena Six has hit a nerve in the U.S. and internationally not because of the uniqueness of the injustices perpetuated against these young African-American men, but because these injustices fit an all to familiar pattern. From the social situation that existed at Jena’s High School with its echos of the Jim Crow era, to the flagrant racial double standard of Jena’s legal authorities, the case of the Jena Six has played out like a crystallized version of much that is intolerable for those who must deal both with the oppression of being working class and being black in the US. The mass reaction to the Jena Six’s case also demonstrates another truth about racism. Any system that divides working people inevitably produces an opposition and this opposition can potentially help to unite the working class against not only racism but its root source, capitalism, as well.