International Working Women's Day


On the anniversary of Women's Day we would like to highlight's section on Women & Marxism, readers of Socialist Appeal will find a variety of articles dealing with the question of discrimination against women and the struggle for women's emancipation.

Martin Luther King Jr. and the Struggle to Transform Society

 On this day in which the ruling class tries to turn MLK Jr. into a harmless icon, we should remember that before he was killed, he was moving toward an anti-imperialist, class-based, and even revolutionary perspective, which he was never allowed to develop fully, as he was (conveniently) cut down by an assassin's bullet.

Utah’s “SB1070 Light”


Utah Illegal Immigration Enforcement ActOn July 29th, in front of hundreds of jeering protesters, Senator Stephen Sandstrom, a Republican from Utah, proposed yet another in a long line of anti-immigrant bills that have been churning out of the Utah State Legislature over the past few years. This time it was called the “Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act,” and it was largely taken word-for-word from the notorious Arizona SB1070 law. Mark Alvarez, a pro-immigration rights attorney, points out some of the many similarities between the two bills in an article entitled Why Sandstrom’s Proposed Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act is ‘Arizona Light’

NYC Mosque Controversy


Right wing anti-Recently, TV and talk radio have been obsessed with stopping the construction of an “Islamic Center and Mosque” which will be located two blocks away from where the World Trade Center used to be. The right wing, including former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and NY Republican Gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio, have seized on this issue, attempting to gain political support. Even Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid and former DNC chair Howard Dean have opposed it. Their message is that “Islam” attacked Americans on September 11, 2001, and therefore they should not be allowed to build a mosque on “sacred ground.” It should be noted that if the location two blocks away is sacred ground, a “sacred coat store” was formerly in the location where the Islamic Center wants to build.

Black Workers & the Crisis

Black UnemploymentDespite what Obama calls a “glimmer of hope,” the economic crisis continues to unfold and reduce living standards everywhere. Vice-President, Joe Biden, told CNN recently that we can expect to see increased unemployment every month for the rest of the year, and the unemployment rate could be over 10 percent by Christmas (the unemployment rate is currently at 8.5 percent). This is bad enough news for working people in general, but how do things fare for Black Americans. Has Obama been the “change” that so many hoped for?