The Environment, Consumerism, and Socialism

gogreenThe philosophical premise behind the consumerist strategy is the idea that we can in effect will a change in society through our purchasing choices. The idea is that if we could just change everyone’s mind about their role in the environment, then we would change society and its structure. If we could only convince everyone individually to be more caring towards the environment and to change their personal lives, then we could change the world.

Climate Change and the Socialist Revolution (Part 1)

hurricane sandyWe see it everywhere: from the nightly news to our own neighborhoods; in the newspapers and on the internet; we taste it in our food; we feel it in our declining health—the environment is being pillaged. Scientists predict that the arctic could have its first ice-free summer as soon as 2040. Meanwhile, sea levels have risen by about 7 inches in the last century despite almost no changes for 2,000 years prior to that. Extreme droughts and floods threaten farmers’ livelihoods around the globe and giant superstorms like hurricane Sandy destroy homes and wipe out infrastructure.

IPCC Report: Climate in Crisis Shows the Necessity of a Revolution

chimneysThe past seven months have seen the release of the Fifth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the international scientific body set up by the United Nations to provide the most comprehensive body of information and analysis about the process, risks, and impacts of climate change. The conclusions of the latest IPCC report are unequivocal: climate change is real; its effects will be disastrous; and nothing short of a revolution will do if we are to combat it.

Another Storm Shows the Bankruptcy of Capitalism

Sandy floods NYC taxisJust a few years ago, the world watched in horror as Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The richest and most powerful imperialist country in the world did nothing as people were drowning, starving, and literally dying of thirst. Now, we see the northeastern United States get hit by Hurricane Sandy. Millions are still without power. Mass transit is suspended. Whole neighborhoods were burned out. Dozens have been killed, including 24 in New York City alone.

Capitalism's Climate Crisis

smokestacks2We are at a decisive crossroads in history: the most serious global financial crisis since the Great Depression is converging with one of the potentially worst environmental crises ever to face humanity. Scientists have been warning of the effects of climate change for decades. However, due to a deliberate, concerted effort by right-wing ideologues and the fossil fuel companies’ bought and paid for “scientists,” a small but very well-funded and vocal minority has succeeded in placing a question of doubt in the minds of many Americans as to whether or not climate change is caused by humans, or if it even exists at all.