Socialism: the Only Solution for Iraq and the USA

The war in Iraq drags on and on, and the situation for working people here in the US continues to worsen, or at best stagnate. Working people and the youth are beginning to see through the lies of the capitalist class which could care less that entire families now live on the streets, or that 1.7 million people slid into poverty in 2002.

Introduction to U.S. Perspectives 2005

The Workers International League recently held its national congress, discussing and approving its annual U.S. Perspectives document. We reproduce a few highlights from this document in this issue of Socialist Appeal. The full text will be available on our website shortly. We also focus in this issue on the rapidly-growing Hands Off Venezuela Campaign which is building momentum across the country. We encourage you to contact us about building HOV committees in your area. The effect of the radicalization of the masses across the whole of Latin America will not be contained at the Rio Grande. Today Venezuela - tomorrow Mexico, the U.S., Canada, and the world. Now is the time to defend the Venezuelan Revolution!

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 18

A Gust of Fresh Wind from the South

There's no doubt about it: the simmering discontent accumulating beneath the surface of American society is starting to bubble to the surface. As millions of immigrant workers, their families, and supporters participated in the historic "Day Without an Immigrant", a changing mood is emerging across the country.

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 24