The Democratic Party and the Iraq War

The war in Iraq is the most important issue on the minds of American workers and youth. There is an entire generation whose world-view has been entirely shaped by the epoch of war, revolution, and counter-revolution through which we are living. Are the Democrats really doing anything to change the situation?

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 29

Elections in the U.S. & Latin America

Although they may differ with the Republicans on this or that secondary issue, on all fundamental questions, the Democrats consistently defend the interests of big business against the interests of working people. How could it be any other way?  They are directly funded by the employing class and most of them are extraordinarily wealthy themselves.

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 27

The World Revolution & the Americas

Editorial from Socialist Appeal Issue 26

The Latin American Revolution is spreading like wildfire, posing a mortal threat to U.S. control over the region.  The masses in Venezuela and Bolivia continue to push the process forward, and now Mexico has joined the conflagration, threatening U.S. imperialism right in its own backyard.

No to Bush! No to the Democrats!

An editorial from the July/August 2003 issue of Socialist Appeal. For a real alternative for the working class!