Another Year of Capitalist Wars, Crisis, and Misery for the Majority

Profits and WagesA look back at the events of the last 12 months provides clear confirmation that capitalism means war, misery, and counter-revolution for the vast majority of humanity. The world situation is one of increasing political and economic instability, social polarization, and the ravages of war and famine. Across the planet, layoffs, cuts in social services, and the merciless squeezing of the working class and poor is on the order of the day. But there is an opposite side to these counter-revolutionary tendencies: the revolutionary movement of millions of people who are saying “enough is enough!”  Around the world, workers, youth, and the poor in general are rising up against a system based on exploitation and profit.

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 35

Profits for the Few – War, Racism & Unemployment for the Rest of Us

Editorial for SA #34

Whether you live in Philadelphia, Seattle, Detroit, Mexico City, or Baghdad, most working people would agree that quality jobs, health care, education, housing and infrastructure isn’t too much to ask for. Instead, capitalism gives us war, racism, economic turmoil, and unemployment. And it’s not as though the money isn’t there – over $2 billion is spent each week just on the occupation of Iraq – it’s a matter of priorities. Just imagine how many badly-needed schools, bridges and hospitals could be built, providing quality jobs for millions of people in the process. 

The Iraq War Comes Home to Roost

Editorial for SA #33

Like the Katrina disaster two years ago, the collapse of the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis, MN is yet another reminder of the real effects of the capitalist policy of “guns before butter”. A key bridge in a city with some of the worst rush hour congestion in the country, it is just one of the 73,784 U.S. bridges found by the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) to be “structurally deficient or functionally obsolete” – including 64.8 percent of the bridges in Washington, DC. The thirteen people who lost their lives are just part of the tragedy.

Big Business Politics as Usual in Washington

Editoral for Socialist Appeal 32                          

As Congress enters its summer recess, millions of Americans who were expecting a real change after the Democrats’ November 2006 victory are justifiably discontented.  For all their promises and rhetorical bluster, what have these big-business politicians really accomplished?  Has anything fundamental changed for working people? Bush’s approval rating is at an all-time low of just 29 percent – a sharp drop  from his 90 percent approval rating after the September 11 attacks. How quickly things change! Only Harry Truman, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter had lower approval ratings. But after nearly 7 years of Bush’s disastrous domestic and foreign policy, his overwhelming unpopularity is understandable.

Build a United Anti-War Movement

Editorial for SA31: After weeks of political show-boating, the Democrats have voted to continue the war in Iraq. Without even the fig leaf of a time line for a partial withdrawal, they have appropriated over $100 billion more public dollars to continue the occupation of Iraq, condemning thousands more Americans and Iraqis to death and dismemberment. This is another $100 billion that will not be used to create jobs, provide health care, or build schools and affordable housing. The total spent on the war now totals over $556 billion.  Even the richest nation on earth cannot afford this policy of “guns before butter” forever.