U.S. Workers Face Long, Hot Summer

Gas Prices SkyrocketIf you work for a living, the news just keeps getting worse. Oil prices have reached record levels of over $140 per barrel – 14 times higher than just ten years ago. OPEC predicts it could rise as high as $170 before the end of summer. Choosing between food, medicine and gasoline is now the norm for millions of working class families. Contrast this with the mega-profits of ExxonMobil, which raked in $40.6 billion in 2007 and another $10.9 billion in just the first three months of 2008.

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The War and the Working Class

G.W. BushIt is now official: George W. Bush is the most unpopular U.S. President in modern history. 71 percent of Americans say they “disapprove” of the job he is doing, while just 28 percent say they “approve.” The previous all-time low was set by Harry Truman in 1952, with 67 percent disapproval. In other words, Bush is even more unpopular than Richard Nixon in the days before he resigned from the presidency in August 1974. Much of the discontent is due to the war in Iraq, which just 30 percent support, the lowest rating ever. Just a few months ago, in January, nearly half those polled believed “things were going well” in Iraq. Millions who formerly supported the war are now against it, especially as the economic effects of the war are coming home to roost.

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Recession Will Hit Workers & Poor Hardest

RecessionAlmost overnight, the media, corporate CEOs and government officials have gone from proclaiming that the U.S. would somehow avoid an economic slump, to all but recognizing that the country has probably already entered a recession. They are simply acknowledging what millions of workers have known for months and even years: the economy is in trouble, and working people and the poor are being hit hard.

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The War, the Economy & the Elections

US recession on its wayThe situation in the USA is one if increasing crises.  The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to trail on, costing nearly $275 million per day.  The situation at home is one of increasing unemployment and continual crisis in the housing and credit markets.  US workers will be called on to go to the polls to elect a party of big business, but this era of crises will only serve to casue more people to question the world in which they live.

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Election 2008 & the U.S. Working Class

Election 2008

The campaign to elect the next President of the United States is in full swing. The Democratic and Republican primaries and caucuses have begun, accompanied by a media frenzy intended to make it seem as though there truly are significant differences between the candidates, and to distract working people from the pressing problems we face. As we go to press, the race to nominate the next presidential candidates of big business is still wide open. But the real question is, who will represent the working class majority of American society?

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