Can Obama Deliver the Goods for Working Americans?

ObamaDuring his election campaign, President Barack Obama promised to be all things to all people. After eight years of Bush and Cheney, Americans desperately wanted to believe that real change was coming...

So what promises has he kept? US troops remain in Iraq and even more are being sent to Afghanistan; the democratically-elected government of Honduras has been overthrown, more US troops are to be sent to Colombia, and the embargo on Cuba remains; the plight of immigrant workers is worse than ever and some 250 Mexicans have died crossing the border in just the first few months of this year...

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 49

Crisis and Class Struggle in the 1930s and Today

Unemployment in USAFor decades, the mantra “Capitalism = good” and “Socialism = bad” was driven into our heads. But even the most sophisticated apparatus for influencing public opinion – the mainstream media – cannot mold opinion as powerfully as experience itself. From the dizzying heights of the boom to the economic implosion of the last 10 months, dramatic events are shaking up and transforming the way Americans look at the world around them.

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 48

This is an extended version of the editorial for SA48.

U.S. Workers Under Attack

UnemploymentMonth after month, we report a seemingly endless stream of dismal economic figures. And month after month, things just keep getting worse for U.S. workers. What is most important to remember is that behind these numbers are millions of American working families who can hardly stay afloat, let alone get ahead. Behind these numbers are millions of Americans who are beginning to ask themselves a very important question: is the instability of capitalism really the only alternative?

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 47

May Day and the American Working Class

May DayEvery May Day, millions of workers around the world celebrate International Workers’ Day – the original Labor Day. Here in the U.S., Labor Day is officially celebrated in September, and has all but lost its original political and class character. It is seen by many as little more than an end-of-summer barbecue. But the real origins of May Day can be traced right here to the United States and the bitter struggles of working men and women for better wages, rights, conditions, and the eight-hour day.

We Need a Working Class Program for the Economic Crisis

 The economic crisis has now dragged on for months and there is no end in sight for U.S. workers. Worst of all, we workers, our children and grand children, will have to pay all of this debt back – with interest – and will have received nothing of any real substance in return. Enough is enough! We say, make the rich pay for their crisis!

Editorial for Socialist Appeal Issue 46