The Revenge of History

Karl Marx“Marx was right!” For Marxists, this is not a particularly profound revelation. We have long known that the German revolutionary’s analysis of capitalism was as fundamentally sound as the capitalist system itself is fundamentally unsound. But let’s face it: for decades, we’ve been in a small minority, fighting against the stream and against the odds. After spending a long time in the “wilderness,” that is beginning to change. The fact that the more serious capitalist economists are forced to admit the correctness of ideas they once ridiculed is an important symptom of a transformation in public consciousness.

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 65


The Tide Begins to Turn

#Occupy ProtestFor 30 years, American workers have been under assault. For decades, there were very few fight backs, and even fewer successes.  Politically, things shifted ever further to the right...But the “mole of history” has been burrowing underground this entire time. A pay cut here, a home foreclosure there; rising health costs here, a factory shuttered and off-shored there. Little by little, the economic basis for the American Dream has been whittled away, and with it, the illusions that capitalism is the “best of all possible worlds.”

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 64

#Occupy Movement Grows; Workers Join the Struggle!

“Enough is enough! We are the 99%!” This is the sentiment being expressed by the brave youth now occupying Freedom Plaza in New York City, just a few feet away from Wall Street. This is the pent-up feeling of millions—no—billions of people around the world. Enough unemployment! Enough war! Enough poverty! Enough discrimination!

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 63.

Who Pays for the Crisis?

Who pays for the crisis?It seems hard to believe, but it has been ten full years since the September 11 attacks, and nearly ten years since the first issue of Socialist Appeal. A decade later, the country is in many ways a very different place. Long gone are the cars adorned with a dozen American flags and endless chants of “USA! USA!”  An entire generation has grown up knowing nothing but George W. Bush, war, terrorism, financial crisis, home foreclosures and unemployment. And in real terms, things have actually gotten worse under Obama. Where is the “hope and change” Americans were promised? Conditions determine consciousness. The conditions we are forced to live in are having a profound effect on Americans’ consciousness, especially among the youth. And this transformation has revolutionary implications for the future. 

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 62.

Election 2010: What Does it Mean and How Can Workers Fight Back?

 In the recent midterm elections, the Republicans made a dramatic comeback after their electoral routing just two years ago. They gained several governorships, seats in the Senate, and took full control of the US House of Representatives. How was this possible?

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 57