The BBC’s ‘Panorama’ documentary: “Poor America”

We recommend a viewing of this 30 minute documentary on poverty in the USA by the BBC’s Panorama team. Millions unemployed. Millions hungry. Millions homeless. Millions without access to health care. These are the facts of life in America at a time when corporate profits, worker productivity, and income inequality are at record highs.

Review: The Iron Lady

Iron Lady FilmMargaret Thatcher is a hated figure for millions in Britain who suffered under 13 years of her rule. We, who opposed Thatcherism to the bitter end, will never forget the mass unemployment, the cuts, wholesale privatization, and the attacks on the trade unions as well as our democratic rights. Those who fought back were regarded by Thatcher as “the enemy within,” a term she used against the National Union of Mineworkers, as they fought for their communities and their jobs. Thatcher represented capitalism “red in tooth and claw” and we will not forget it.

“Street Sweeper Social Club” Album Review

With the economy growing worse by the day, Street Sweeper Social Club (SSSC) has released their self-titled debut album in an effort to capture the discontent and anger felt by the working class through music.